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UG MADNESS (deck id: 4701)
60 Maindeck cards and 15 Sideboard
Classic Heirloom · Aggro-Control
Played by  zippy75 in Classic Heirloom 3.02 (1-2)
MAINDECK (60 Cards)
22 Creatures
4 Arrogant Wurm

4 Basking Rootwalla

4 Looter il-Kor

4 Merfolk Looter

4 Wild Mongrel

2 Wonder

16 Spells
4 Circular Logic

4 Mana Leak

4 Obsessive Search

2 Unsummon

1 Attunement

1 Forbid

22 Lands
10 Island

4 Evolving Wilds

4 Forest

4 Terramorphic Expanse

SIDEBOARD (15 Cards)
4 Blue Elemental Blast

4 Piracy Charm

3 Hibernation

2 Naturalize

2 Tangle

R1:  Win 2 - 0vs.   Amar  Heirloom - Ghazi Glare Mentor 
R3:  Loss 0 - 2vs.   ImTheJitte  Madness 
R4:  Loss 1 - 2vs.   milegyenanevem  Goblins 
Total:  38
  x 10
  x 16
  x 6
  x 2
  x 4
Avg CMC: 2.32
Last week was a 'blip'? The deck just failed to even get close to the T4/8- was it just bad luck, or is it time to hang up this deck? To answer this, the SD is packed full of answers for, what I consider to be, the top-decks in this format: Goblins and Mono-Green Aggro! Losing the Negates hurts, but BEB is never a bad card Vs anything Red! The doubtful cards are Naturalise and Piracy Charm... The Charm kills Trackers and The Infected; Naturalise is a more dubious choice to be fair though. We'll see...(but I still love this deck!).